MPTV Great TV Auction Featured Artist Interview

Inverview with Tiffany Pua of MPTV and James Meyer

What a great experience!  The MPTV Great TV Auction crew interviewed me at the Port Exploreum interactive museum in Port Washington WI on Friday, February 19, 2016.

I’ve never done anything like this. Well, I did an interview with a local TV reporter a few years ago so I guess that’s somewhat the same but that was really an impromptu thing in which the Mayor called me up and asked if I could meet a Milwaukee TV News reporter right away and do an interview.  I didn’t have aJames Meyer interview set upny time to prepare or even get nervous for that matter.  This was different.  I’ve know this interview was taking place almost two months before it actually happened.  Plenty of time to rehears in my head what I hoped to say and how I was going to say it.  I wish it were that easy.  I had concerns with so much time to think through anticipated questions I would over think it.
Amy Langas Burns, the MPTV Assistant Director, whom I call “my handler” met me outside.  I call her “my handler” because she keeps me in line and is super organized. She and I have talked on the phone and have exchanged too many emails to count.  It was really great to meet her face-to-face.  Amy is really nice.  We had a great pre interview chat and she was reassuring all would go well.  She reminded me, Tiff Pua, the MPTV Producer is an award winner and really great at what she does.

Tiff made the interview very easy.  She and her video and sound tech guys made me feel really comfortable, explained what would happen and were generally just really cool about the whole thing.  I see now why she has won awards.  The entire process went off effortlessly on her part.

During set up we pretty much just talked about what they had been working on the past few days.  The video and sound guys work for Outdoor Wisconsin and had been up north shooting in the weather.  If you’ve ever been to northern Wisconsin in February, you know being outside can be downright brutal.

We did a sound check and adjusted the lighting a few times and of course I had to sign release paperwork.  The decision was made to haveSigning release paperwork me sit in front my photo on the wall.  The Port Exploreum had contacted me when the museum was being constructed with an interest in possibly purchasing a mural for the wall.  The Port Washington Historical Society who own and run the Port Exploreum requested a shot from the water looking back at the city of Port Washington during a summer month.  It had to be a certain spec and resolution.  Oddly enough, I had taken such a photo about 18 months prior and was able to provide such an image meeting their specs.  I sent the Historical Society a sample image and they purchased the rights to make it part of the permanent exhibit.  That in itself is very cool if you ask me.  The mural is located behind me in the picture to the right.  I had thought this would provide a good backdrop.  I was happy when the MPTV crew liked it and agreed it could work well.

When it was time to begin Tif sat down across from me and asked me if I was nervous.  I responded, I wasn’t nervous but I was full of excitement energy.  I was really having a hard time sitting still.  I had my phone in my hands and was rolling it back and forth. She noticed this.  That was the end of playing with my phone.  From there, Tif explained that I should look at her and ignore the camera. She also wanted me to begin my answer to her questions by repeating or paraphrasing the question she asked.  We got through most of the interview in one take It wasn’t until the last couple of remaining questions that I stumbled with my reply to her question and needed a “do-over”.

All in all I have to say I am pleased and believe the interview went well.  I asked the crew what they thought and while I have the feeling they would be nice and wouldn’t tell me it sucked even if it did, I got the feeling they meant it when they said it went well.  I really can’t thank Amy, Tiff and the crew enough for their time and effort.  I am humbled by the whole thing and so thankful for the opportunity.


Inverview with Tiffany Pua of MPTV and James Meyer

Shooting video at the Port Exploreum in Port Washington WI

Final Image IV

Lower Level Pano

Here is the interview, first aired on MPTV April 31,st 2016.  Episode #424

“Local photographer James Meyer’s work showcases the beauty of spaces around Wisconsin. See the first American exhibition honoring the life of Iranian musician Ostad Elahi, a master of the tanbur. Metalsmith Christine Bossler believes in the purity of the hand-made crafts infused with found objects. Printmaker Lou Stovall’s work ranges from Civil Rights era to prints inspired by nature.”