Assisted Living Communities

To date we have photographed care facilities throughout Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. We can help you create beautiful 3D Tours, virtual tours, video, vivid, high definition still images, aerial photos and video to showcase your assisted living community.

To minimize disruption if the facility we capture care facilities using a team of two people. One person capturing still photos, the other person captures video. We basically move from space to space quickly and efficiently and can capture most “average” facilities in about an hour.

Our “standard” package of photos and video.

Commercial Property / Venue / Office Space Photos – Senior Living Facility

Approx 15 interior + 10 exterior images
Approx 2 minute walk thru style video

This package typically allows us to capture the main community spaces and one or two model units per facility.

If this doesn’t fit what you had in mind, lets talk and create a custom package that fits your marketing needs and budget. Contact me (click here).

Virtual Tour Sample

This virtual tour sample highlights the reception area, cafe, therapy room, lounge and a patient room. It also includes an aerial video tour of the entire facility including outdoor signage and entry.

Video Example

Still Images