Real Estate Video Services

Real estate video is a must have tool in today’s competitive real estate market. Agents embracing video have an advantage during listing presentations and when marketing a property.

Still images show off the beauty of a home while video allows the viewer to “flow” thru and “feel” the home. This allows the viewer to gain a deeper understanding of how they would “fit” in the space.

Unlike 3D tours, video is able to incorporate music to heighten the emotional attachment and is a much easier to use solution compared to 3D tours which many buyers find abrasive and difficult to use.

Here are the types of video we offer and a brief explanation of each.

Agent Guided Walk Thru Video

Agent Guided Walk Thru videos are a great way for the agent to get “on screen” to make a connection with the viewer as well as a powerful listing tool.

Walk Thru Video

Walk Thru videos are designed to give an overview of the property and how the property “flows” which conveys better in video than it does in still images or 3D tours and are by far the most popular video we produce for real estate clients.

Walk Thru Video w/AI Voice Over

The newest update to Walk Thru videos are adding AI Generated voice overs. These can be either male, or female voices and add that little bit extra to to hightlight selling features during the video tour.