Real Estate FAQ

What packages do you have available? We have about 10 different packages available. These packages have been developed based upon client feedback and what agents have asked for over the years. Additionally, we offer several add-ons to our base packages so you can get exactly what you want.

Are the images HD? Simply put, yes. All images are created and delivered for the greatest resolution and largest file size MLS will accept resulting in the clearest images across the various platforms such as Zillow, Realtor.com, Trulia, etc.

How long does it take to get images, video or 3D Tours? You will receive your finished goods early the next morning the day after we take them. For example, we shoot Monday afternoon, you receive finished product Tuesday morning.

Do I have to be there? No. But honestly, it’s easier for us if nobody is there distracting us from making your beautiful photos. We approach each property in the same professional way regardless if the agent or homeowner are present. If the agent is not going to be at the photo shoot we typically text the agent upon our arrival and again when we depart to keep them informed. If we meet the homeowner, we act with the utmost respect and as an extension “of your team”.

What about pets? Regarding pets, even though we are dog lovers, it’s easiest if any pets are gone or put in the garage prior to our arrival and the house has been neutralized of any pet products. We try our best to not show any evidence of pets, especially cats due to the number of people who are allergic to cats. We would hate for a prospective buyer to rule out setting up a showing of a property because they saw evidence of a cat in the home.

What’s the best way to schedule? The best way is to schedule online. Our online schedule is real-time and includes all the packages and add-on options. This allows you to easily schedule while at your listing appointment or when you have the homeowner on the phone.

Who takes the photos & video? Consistency is one of the hallmarks of branding. I want to produce consistently high quality images for you just like you want to offer your clients a consistent look and quality so we have a very small “team” of trusted photosgraphers.

The house is dark. Do you have lights? Yes but we do not use them. In any case you will receive bright and attractive photos 99.9999% of the time.

How long does a photo shoot take? Plan on an under 30 minutes. In most cases we spend about 20-25 minutes on-site taking the photos and creating any ordered add-ons..

Can “things” be moved from room-to-room during photos? Generally not. Most of the time there will be two photographers in the home working in tandem. Secondly, the walk-thru video is done in one continues filming to show the flow of the house. Anything that is not to show up in the photos and / or video should be located in a closet or garage.

Do you shoot closets or garages? Generally no, however there are exceptions. If a larger walk-in closet is organized and generally “staged” for photos then yes we do. If the garage has special features such as a special floor, heater, lift, or other unique and saleable qualities then we do take a photo.

Do I have to tell you I want virtual staging when I book? No. It does help to know that you might want staging if you’re not sure but we can always go back and stage any images we have taken previously.

Do I have to worry about copyrights? No. Metro MLS has a release on file as do several of the local brokerages that have requested their own specific releases such as Shorewest and First Weber.

Do you have any reviews? Why yes. You can read many reviews on my Houzz page. I have 40+ reviews, all 5-star.