Real Estate Photo, Video and 3D Tour Packages & Pricing

Residential real estate photo, video and 3D Tour packages offered by James Meyer Photography for 2021. We are a Metro MLS Preferred Photographer and can upload photos, video and virtual tours direct to your MLS account if you would like.

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Photo Packages

Photos – MINI            10-12 finished images

Photos – LIGHT        18-22 finished image

Photos – STANDARD        25-28 finished images

Photos – EXTRA        32-35 finished images

Photos – STANDARD + VIDEO        25-28 finished images plus approx 2 minute walk thru video

Photos – STANDARD + 3D TOUR         25-28 finished plus 3D Tour (includes 3D tour hosting for 180 days)

EXTERIOR ONLY PHOTOS        4-6 ground level exterior photos

DRONE AERIAL PHOTOS        4-6 drone aerial images

DRONE AERIAL VIDEO 1-2 minutes drone video including 4-6 drone photos

WALK THRU VIDEO ONLY        Approx 2 min. walk thru video featuring the flow of the property

DELUXE WALK THRU ONLY    Approx 3-4 minute walk thru video highlighting features of the property

AGENT GUIDED WALK THRU ONLY        Approx 3-4 minute walk thru video with agent on camera

3D TOUR ONLY           3D tour of property (includes 180 days hosting)

Upload photos, 3D tour and video to MLS – no extra charge.

Also see Add-ons below for more options


Add VIRTUAL TWILIGHT    Add single virtual twilight image

Add SINGLE DRONE        Add single drone elevated exterior image

Add 2D FLOORPLAN        Add 2D black and white floorplan includes room size measurements


Add EXTRA PHOTOS Add 4-7 extra photos

Add DRONE EXTERIOR    Add 4-6 drone images

Add VIRTUAL STAGING    Add virtual staging to any image

Add DRONE VIDEO        Add approx 1 minute drone video to any video package

All prices plus tax. Effective Jan 01, 2021.

Prices for Metro Milwaukee area. Travel Fees for outlying areas

James Meyer Photography reserves the right to change prices without notice at any time.

METRO MLS Preferred Photographer. What is it?