TV Appearances

James Meyer Photography Milwaukee TV appearances.

CBS58 Sunday Morning with Mike Strehlow.  Originally aired 05/08/2016

CBS 58

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Here is the interview, first aired on MPTV April 31,st 2016. Episode #424

“Local photographer James Meyer’s work showcases the beauty of spaces around Wisconsin. See the first American exhibition honoring the life of Iranian musician Ostad Elahi, a master of the tanbur. Metalsmith Christine Bossler believes in the purity of the hand-made crafts infused with found objects. Printmaker Lou Stovall’s work ranges from Civil Rights era to prints inspired by nature.”

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PBS Arts America, 30 Markets nationwide

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The .ZACK arts incubator in Grand Center enables arts organizations to collaborate, share office and performance space. At the Vision Male Ensemble in Detroit, young men support each other through music. James Meyer photographs landscapes in the Milwaukee area through a technique that creates hyper-real, illuminated images. Artist Amy Knight’s creations are made of dried gourds.