Saukville Rebels 2016 Season Wrap Up

Saukville Rebels v Greendale Panthers AAYFL

Here’s a video I shot and produced to the Saukville Rebels. I took it over the span of the 2016 season. Having done only sport photography previously, sports video was a challenge, I really enjoyed it and over the span of the 8 weeks of games learned a great deal. I did miss actually watching the game and rooting on the teams. You can’t really do that when trying to capture the action on the field. You won’t see it in the video but during parts of the last three games I stopped following the ball with the camera and started watching as a fan. So several times the camera was capturing just random parts of the field or stadium.

I hope you watch especially if you have any tie to the current team or are a former Saukville Rebel.  My youngest son, who is a current Rebel would “let me know” his friends and classmates were asking him when I was going to do another video or get the one I was working on posted. I’m sure it’s pretty cool as a kid to see yourself on a video.  I hope parents get a chance to watch and share with parents or relatives outside of the area who now can see their grandchild or nephew playing.