Real Estate Photography for Properties under $200K

When I photograph smaller properties, those typically on the lower end of the price scale, it’s critically important to think like a buyer and recognize the buyers of this type of home are typically younger buyers, maybe first time buyers and families just starting out.  When you can match your photographic representation of the house, to fit the potential buyers “eye” you greatly help your Realtor in the selling process.

Beyond the immediate, make clear, well composed photos, the images I create for my Realtor clients:

  • Photos invite prospective buyers in.
  • Create a sense of “larger” space within each room.
  • If the home is smaller but has a large, family friendly yard, I try to capture images that show “scale”.
  • Utilize ambient light and off camera lighting to create more “openness” and an “airy” feel.
  • Highlight the best features of the property.  This is important in every home but even more so in lower-end and smaller homes.

Here are photo samples of smaller properties in the southeastern Wisconsin area that I have created for Realtors.