Closing Gift Coffee Table Book

Great closing gift idea… a hard cover coffee table book of the home for your sellers. I recommend you personalize it with a note on the first page. I’ve intentionally leave that page blank for you to do so.

When you book a photo shoot with me, let me know if you are considering giving your sellers a coffee table book of their home as a closing gift. I’ll send you a no obligation preview of your book. Take a look. Whenever closing happens you can decide to buy or not buy the coffee table book for your sellers.

I have partnered with Blurb to offer the books on demand. Why Blurb? Over the years I’ve created and sold hundreds of books featuring my photography. Blurb offers a higher quality product for not a lot of money more than lower quality books.  Considering your sellers will keep this book possibly forever, probably show all their friend and family, and YOUR name is attached it’s worth the few extra dollars.

Sample Book (click the two arrows for full screen preview)